venerdì 29 giugno 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
So if you follow me on instagram (@vampire.yuri) you already know I will visit Japan this summer for the first time!!! I am so excited about that especially because it is my dream since I was little to go to Japan ** The program of the travel is ready since I was 11 so it was quite easy to organise this travel😄😄

I will leave with my best friend and we will be there for 3 weeks!!! To organise all and have more informations about museums, cultural monuments and events we used the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC GUIDE!! for being a tourist guide, it is very cheap (only 15€) and it is full of colored photos and historical and cultural informations 💓

For the hotels, we reserved all of them at BOOKING.COM best website for that where we found many appartments to rent and also traditional japanese hotels called RYOKAN 😍😍 We reserved one room in a Ryokan in Nara and I think it would be the best day in japan!!😆😆 We will have a traditional room with the tatami, free kimono, a traditinal dinner and also real onsen (thermal bath) in the hotel!! reslly can't wait to be there 💓

So the here you can find the details of our travel program and if someone of you live there and want to meet me to drink something together or doing a collaboration please feel free to write me^^

  • 8th July: arrive at Narita airport in Tokyo and take possession of our appartement near Roppongi
  • 9th: visit Roppongi quarter and the Tokyo Tower
  • 10th: imperial palace + Ginza + kabukiza theater
  • 11th: Meiji shrine + Yoyogi park + shibuya and Harajuku
  • 12th: Tokyo Disneyland
  • 13th: Asakusa quarter
  • 14th: Ueno quarter and the zoo + visit the Todai (best japanese university)
  • 15th; national tokyo museum + science museum
  • 16th: leaving for Kyoto and the evening get a look at Festival Gion Matsuri
  • 17th: Gion Matsuri celebration + Nijo-jo castle and imperial palace + manga museum+ Gion quarter (geisha quarter)
  • 18th: visit the temple area of the east part of the city
  • 19th Katsura-rikyu + Tofukuji + Fushimi Inari
  • 20th: visit the temple area of the north part of the city 
  • 21th: all day in Nara the first capital of Japan
  • 22th: Ise shima shrines + evening in Nagoya
  • 23th: morning in Nagoya + afternoon in Shizuoka to meet my sponsor MONSTERPARTY (here the shop: MONSTER PARTY
  • 24th: all day at Fuji-san
  • 25-28th: back to Tokyo for shopping and parties all night!!

giovedì 21 giugno 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!
first collaboration with my friend @claudiostor who started photography one year ago and I am sooo happy of the result!!!We decided to do an urban goth shoot and I wanted to recreate a japanese visualkei look so I took my inspiration from Reita of the japanese band THE GAZETTE. T
hey have just done the new album and they will be on tour when I will be in Japan!!! Really hope to can see them live if it is not so expensive ^^

For this look I used some items from different sponsors nad absolutely my favorite item are the tattooed leggings!!! The shop who produced them is DIRRTYTOWN CLOTHING and they do tops, shirts and also bodies with fake tattooes and they are all amazing**

Outfit details are:

lunedì 7 maggio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!
So spring is finally arrived and I couldn't be more happy!!! I was really tired of coats, pulls and cold weather -.- nothing is great to get out with only t-shirts and cute dresses 💜💜
So for celebrating the spring and all cute flowers I did this shoot with my new lace dress by KILLSTAR!! for me it's new because I bought it this winter in december (it was on sale) and never used because of the cold -.-  in reality it's from their last year summer collection but it's absolutely one of my favorite!!! so romantic but still goth and witchy😊😊

You can see now all the photos of this shoot in my facebook page:

get a look an dsubscribe to my page too!!!

Here all outfits details:

sabato 5 maggio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!
Today I want to speak a little about TOKYO GHOUL one of my favorite manga at the moment with My hero academia and Attack on titan!! It is strange for me because I am more a shojo girl and it this period I love only shonen ahah xD by the way I really like this manga because it rapresents very well our society: ghoul are only different from humans because of they eat and they are people who have feelings, who want to hava a family and friends but humans fear them and call them monsters and want to kill them all.. there are also bad guys who kill only for pleasure but they are in both side and we can't generalize.. so a really deep manga a must to read!!

So here my cosplay of the main character, Kaneki Ken, in a female version^^ I really don't like dress like a man so in general I do female version of best anime character and I was inpired to do a school girly version of Kaneki😊😊 more photos are on my facebook page

The outfit details are:

sabato 3 marzo 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
So if you follow me on the social networks you know I am working as a model for the japanese shop MONSTER PARTY so here I want to speak a little about the shop and doing a real article about japanese fashion (I hope to can do soon some videos about that for my youtube channel^^).

MONSTER PARTY is a japanese alternative kawaii visualkei shop situated in Shizuoka, a little city between Nagoya and Tokyo , and where you can find clothes from famous harajuku brands like HELLCATPUNKS or LISTEN FLAVOR but also original items of the shop.

As all japanese brands, the quality of all items is very high and this is the reason the prices are a little more expensive than things we can buy in Europe but trust me the money is well spent ^^
 I really don't know if you think the same but I really have had enough to buy stuff made with shabby and practically transparent fabric and all made in China -.- now I really prefer to spend a little more but have very cool and quality items^^

Where buy from them?? MONSTER PARTY has on the online shopping platform RAKUTEN ( but from the beginning of 2018 they have also some articles on Amazon US and Amazon europe!!! (

 Moreover the shipping cost isn't so expensive and your pack arrives in only 3 days!!! First time they sent me something I was shocked!!! I tought from Japan it would taken mooore time...this is the perfect exemple of  how efficient japanese people are!!!

So now I want to show you some of the clothes you can buy from this amazing shop and one of the collest thing is that all their items are ONE SIZE and UNISEX!!! everyone can wear them easily and finally a shop also for alternative guys ;)
To see all the clothes I have from them follow me on my social networks (instagram:@vampire.yuri or facebook: ) and watch my videos on youtube (

lunedì 26 febbraio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
So here a little different look from my usual kawaii outfits^^ a little throughback as I was younger when I was more metal than goth or kawaii^^ In reality I still call myself a metal girl because I really prefer metal music than goth but it is true that these last months I have listened only to jmusic, visulkei and so on so we can say I love to change sometimes^^

This is another look with one of the product I got from the amazing japanese shop MONSTER PARTY!! they have full of amazing stuff and the most of them are unisex so guys there is stuff for you too ;)

Get a look at the shop here;

My outfit details are:

  • punk goth tee: MONSTER PARTY (
  • skull leggings: KILLSTAR (30£)
  • boots: DEMONIA (bought at Metaldays festival but you can find many Demonia shoes at ATTITUDE CLOTHING - here 15%off on your order:

  • plz die beanie: KILLSTAR (15£)
  • eye makeup: KIKO MILANO (4€ at the shop)
  • lipstick: NYX COSMETICS (8€ at the shop)

sabato 17 febbraio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
so really hope you spent an amazing St Valentine day ^^ This year I didn't have so many envy to celebrate it because it is not a good period for me so with my boyfriend we had a little dinner together and watch a movie on netflix xD but I wanted to be pretty too so here my outfit for this event!!!

This year I did a more creepy look than usual but always based on red colors ^^
Here the outfit details:

  • destroyed pull: ALIEXPRESS (12€)
  • leather belt: NEW LOOK (15€ at the shop)
  • lolita skirt: second hand
  • spiderweb tights: BLUE BANANA (3.50€)
  • dragon shoes wigs: FREAKY PINK(10€)
  • boots: DEMONIA SHOES at ATTITUDE CLOTHING  (110€ but you have 15%off with this link:
  • goth ribbon clip: FREAKY PINK (9€)
  • pentagram necklace: a present 
  • pentagram garter: SPREEPICKY (22$)