sabato 17 febbraio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
so really hope you spent an amazing St Valentine day ^^ This year I didn't have so many envy to celebrate it because it is not a good period for me so with my boyfriend we had a little dinner together and watch a movie on netflix xD but I wanted to be pretty too so here my outfit for this event!!!

This year I did a more creepy look than usual but always based on red colors ^^
Here the outfit details:

  • destroyed pull: ALIEXPRESS (12€)
  • leather belt: NEW LOOK (15€ at the shop)
  • lolita skirt: second hand
  • spiderweb tights: BLUE BANANA (3.50€)
  • dragon shoes wigs: FREAKY PINK(10€)
  • boots: DEMONIA SHOES at ATTITUDE CLOTHING  (110€ but you have 15%off with this link:
  • goth ribbon clip: FREAKY PINK (9€)
  • pentagram necklace: a present 
  • pentagram garter: SPREEPICKY (22$)

sabato 10 febbraio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
IN this post you see a new kind of photos especially a biiiiig high quality ones!!! They are the first photos I did with a new friend who is an AMAZING photographer ** really love what we did together and I couldn't be more happy about^^
We did these photos especially for my japanese sponsor, the shop MONSTER PARTY ( they are present also on AMAZON so if you want to order something don't worry about the shipping cost ;) they stuff are so amazing and if you want something from Japan is the right shop for you ;)

Then the outfit details are:

  • black beanie: PIMKIE customised (2€ on sales at the shop)
  • goth cross sweat: MONSTER PARTY (around 60€)
  • tulle skirt: H&M (10€ at the shop)
  • leather leggings: PUNKRAVE STORE (52€)
  • blue mermaid wig: at JAPAN EXPO PARIS (25€)
  • nugoth gloves: PUNKRAVE STORE (15$)

mercoledì 7 febbraio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
so if you follow me on instagram you have already seen this look but finally you can get here all the links to buy all the stuff you see!!!

This is the first look with my new boots from NEW ROCK and they are AMAZING!!!!!!! I wanted to buy the big ones which arrive at the knee but they were too expensive so I bought the little one^^ but I am happy about them they are more useful and cute and they are really perfect with every outfit!!!
Here I used it for a witchy forest look matching them with a witchy tee and a beautiful long lace skirt..absolutely the best outfit for a night out ;)

Here the outfit details:

  • witchy top: DISTURBIA CLOTHING (30€ but on sales now at 18€)
  • lace long skirt: PUNK RAVE at FANTASMAGORIA (53€)
  • boots: NEW ROCK AUSTRALIA (200€ on sales and you have 5%off with the code "vampireyuri")
  • green wig: ALIEXPRESS (8€ but now not avaliable anymore)
  • occult rings: ROGUE&WOLF (between 8 aand 12 € on sales)
  • makeup: NYX COSMETICS (8€ at the shop)

mercoledì 17 gennaio 2018

NEW YEAR'S EVE 2018!!!

Konnichiwa everyone!!!
so a new year is started and I really hope this 2018 will be better than 2017!! for me 2017 was a year good for my artistic and creative stuff like my blog and photos collaborations but all the rest was awful -.- so I really want some good things this year xD
This was my look to celebrate the new upcoming year ^^ I was at a party at a friend's house and since is our tradition to be elegant for the new year's eve, I got out from my closet this total lace look, a little different from my usual style but sometimes it is good trying new things^^

Here the outfit details:

  • lace body top: NEW LOOK (12€ at the shop)
  • lace belt: ALIEXPRESS (3€)
  • lace long skirt: TALLY WEIJL (35€ at the shop)
  • grey wig: ALIEXPRESS (9€ - not avaliable anymore)
  • moon tiara: BLOOD&STARS (8£)
  • face jewels decorations: STARGAZER at BLUE BANANA (3,50€)
  • lisptick: NYX COSMETICS (8€ at the shop)
  • choker&necklace: BIJOU BRIGITTE (between 10 and 15€ at the shop)
  • lace gloves: POIZEN INDUSTRIES at EMP (around 18€)

mercoledì 10 gennaio 2018


KOnnichiwa everyone!!!
Here another of my christmas holidays outfits^^ as you can see this year was many red based looks..maybe I felt a little romantic ^^ These photos were taken at my bestie's house..she always helps me with photos videos and stuff and we really enjoy doing this much fun and lough^^  This was also the first outfit with my first tee by ROGUE&WOLF!!! At the beginning it was only a jewel brand but from last year they started also to make clothes and they are very good!! (soon a haul video on my youtube channel Vampire Yuri about it ;) )

So the outfit details are:

  • arachnid doll top: ROGUE&WOLF (38€)
  • lace&velvet dress: NEW LOOK (30-35€ at the shop)
  • lace leggings; PUNK RAVE at FANTASMAGORIA (30€)
  • rose headband: ALIEXPRESS (3€)
  • moon earrings: MY LOVELY BOUTIQUE (a present)
  • moon necklace: THE PUMPKIN COVEN (5£ on sales)
  • vlad's pet necklace: ROGUE&WOLF (14,50€)
  • red lisptick: NYX COSMETICS (8€ at the shop)

martedì 2 gennaio 2018


Konnichiwa everyone and Merry christmas!!!
I know it was almost a week ago but with the holidays and the dinners with family and friends I didn't have so much time to post it soon xD I had a really good christmas this year back to my hometown in Italy and since it was the christmas period I wanted to do a more colorful outfit for once xD so here we are with a total red dress!!!! This one is a present from my aunt who found it in a second hand market and I really love it!! it is like a Wednesday dress but all red with a little ribbon on the neck^^
So if you have the chance, get a look also a little local market, you can find often cute things also for alternative people ;)

The outftit details are:

  • red Wednesday dress: vintage
  • blond wig: ALIEXPRESS (8€)
  • hair accessories: CLAIRE'S (between 8-10 € at the shop)
  • leather belt: ALIEXPRESS (8€)
  • pentagram choker: KILLSTAR - SHELLY CHOKER (18£)
  • silver bracalet: LIQUID BREED (a present)
  • eye makeup: BYS COSMETICS (10€ on sales)

domenica 24 dicembre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
sorry again for be so absent here but very busy period and moreover now we are near to christmas so all my free time is searching presents for family and friends^^
So how much of you are in the same situations?? if you still not have many ideas for christmas presents here a little look from many different shops to help you discover new brands and find a good gift ;)
The photoshoot was done especially to show you this amazing sweat dress by MONSTER PARTY and I really love it: long, warm and perfect for nugoth and dark grunge style^^ japanese clothes are always the best <3

All outfits details and links to buy here:

  • long sweat dress: HELL CAT PUNKS at MONSTER PARTY (between 40 and 60€)
  • black&white symbol dress: KILLSTAR (not avaliable anymore)
  • leather leggings: BERSHKA (5€ on slaes at the shop)
  • pentagram harness: SPREEPICKY (10$)
  • occult rings: ROGUE&WOLF at THE GOTHIC SHOP (between 10 and 15€)
  • boots: NEW ROCK M.1027-C1 (238€; 10%OFF with the code "vampireyuri")
  • pentagram bag: KILLSTAR (20£ on sales)
  • silver wig: ALIEXPRESS (10€, not avaliable anymore)
  • leather belt: NEW LOOK (15€ at the shop)
  • eye makeup: NEW LOOK (5€ at the shop)
  • green lipstick; NYX COSMETICS (8€)