domenica 3 dicembre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
so how much of you love witchy stuff and spider things?? this look is totally based on spiderweb print used as much as possible on all the items😊😊 I had this idea when I received at home this amazing leggings by BEWITCHED SOCIETY and since we was near to halloween a witchy look was mandatory😆😆

You can find other halloween inspided outfit on my last video on youtube:

The outfit details are:

  • spiderweb lace longsleeve: LIP SERVICE at WONDERLAND 13 (at the Berlin shop years ago)
  • black dress (under): IRON FIST (around 30€ on sales)
  • spiderweb leggings: BEWITCHED SOCIETY (18$; code "vampire.yuri" to $$off)
  • boots: DEMONIA SHOES (on sales at 30€ at METALDAYS FESTIVAL)
  • skeleton hair clips: SANRENSE STORE (8$; code "vampireyuri" to 10%off)
  • purple wig: ALIEXPRESS (10€ ; not avaliable anymore)
  • ankh choker: ATTITUDE CLOTHING ( 10€ ; buy it with 15%off here:
  • goth rings: THE PUMPKIN COVEN (around 10£)
  • harness: BEWITCHED SOCIETY ( 25$; code "vampire.yuri" to $$off)

sabato 18 novembre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
I don't know if you have watched my video for the halloween outfit but here we are another halloween inspired look!! this one is not in the video so if you haven't watched it yet go now on youtube and give me some love ^^really hope to post videos a little more often but now winter is here and I don't have so many light in my room..really need a lamp xD
So we can defined this look a creepycute fire badass girl..I think my favorite part are the gloves** love the skeleton print on them and moreover they are good for touch screen**

Here the outfit details:

  • orange wig: BLACK CANDY FASHION (22£)
  • skeleton hair clips: SANRENSE STORE (6$; code "vampireyuri" to 10%off)
  • skeleton neckalce: BLOOD AND STARS (12£)
  • eye makeup: KIKO MILANO (at the shop)
  • lipstick: LIME CRIME (20$)
  • satanic top: BLACK HOPE CURSE (28$)
  • destroyed crop top: DIY (video also on youtube)
  • fire leggings: BE WITCHED SOCIETY (16$; code "vampire.yuri" to $$off)
  • skeleton gloves: BLUE BANANA (2,50€)

sabato 4 novembre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
first outfit with my new skirt from MONSTER PARTY!!! I showed all the new things I got from this amazing japanese shop in my latest video on youtube (get a look at my channel Vampire Yuri ;) ) and one of them was this oversize shirt dress^^ at the first time I really didn't know how to style it also because I don't use shirts very often but at the end I've started matching things and here we are!!
Sometimes yu have just to follow your instinct and be creative ;)

so the outfit details are:

  • shirt dress: MONSTER PARTY (around 60€)
  • lace cardigan; AXES FEMME (20€ at the shop in Paris)
  • bicolor tights: ALIEXPRESS (3€)
  • leather belt: NEW LOOK (15€ at the shop)
  • boots: FUNTASMA (35€ on sales at XTRAX now EMP.DE)
  • red wig: ROYAL CROWN WIG
  • horns: RESTYLE (15€)
  • cross ring: I AM ACCESSORIES (5€ at the shop)
  • lipsticK. FETISH by LIME CRIME (20$)

sabato 28 ottobre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!
there is no better tmonth than October to go out with creepy outfits^^ finally this month I decided to but this graveyard tunic dress by KILLSTAR! I know it is from an old collection but I hve waited until it was on sales ahaha xD Killstar is a col brand and I really love what they do but for me their clothes are a little too expensive for the quality they have... the tissues are often very cheap and it didn't surprised me when a shop owner told me they make they clothes in China-.- but some items are very cool especially accessories so if you have some extra money buy something of this brand :)

The outfit details are:

  • lace longsleeve: JENNYFER (8€ at the shop)
  • graveyard dress: KILLSTARCO (30£ on sales)
  • brocade leggings: TALLY WEIJL (10-15€ at the shop)
  • boots: DEMONIA CONCORD 108 (149€; 15%OFF ON YOUR ORDER HERE:
  • purple wig: ALIEXPRESS (10€)
  • skeleton hair clips: SANRENSE STORE (6$; code "vampireyuri" to 10%off)
  • bat backpack: ATTITUDE CLOTHING (22€; 15%OFF ON YOUR ORDER HERE:

mercoledì 25 ottobre 2017


KOnnichiwa everyone!!
today I share with you one of my favorite outfit^^ it was the first outfit I did with my new moon skirt by KILLSTAR!!! I am sure all of you know this goth brand because it is very popular this last few years..I like it too even if sometimes I've found it too expensive..the quality of some clothes aren't so good and at the end you pay for the brand and it is not so fear...we aren't fashion victims we are alternative girls!!! but they do such cute stuff sometimes and I can't resist to buy something xD

Here the outfit details:

  • destroyed top: DIY by me (video on my youtube channel Vampire Yuri)
  • black top (under): TALLY WEIJL (5€ at the shop)
  • aurora mistery skirt: KILLSTAR (32£)
  • cross tights: PAMELA MANN at THE GOTHIC SHOP (7£)
  • boots: DEMONIA CONCEPT 100 (35€ on sales at METALDAYS FESTIVAL)
  • horns headband: ATTITUDE CLOTHING (18€ ; 15%OFF HERE:
  • ankh earrings: KILLSTAR (10£ on sale)
  • pentagram belt: KILLSTAR (30£)
  • DELLA MORTE bat necklace: RESTYLE (12€)
  • cross ring: I AM ACCESSORIES (5€ at the shop)

martedì 24 ottobre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!!
I'm so sorry for my long absence but I was a very busy month and I didn't have many free time to take care of the blog..but I hope you have followed my adventures on instagram^^
So now we are finally in October the month of Halloween absolutely my favorite holiday^^ for this month I have decided to do all the look inspired from Halloween starting for this Wednesday elegant look^^ Lace is absolutely one of my favorite fabric because it is goth but elegant at the same time and it is perfect with everything :)

So here the outfit details and don't forget to get a look at this outfit also on my youtube channel Vampire Yuri

  • lace wednesday dress: JENNYFER (15€ on sales at the shop)
  • lace leggings: ALIEXPRESS (5€)
  • spiderweb boots: DEMONIA RANGER at ATTITUDE CLOTHING (109€ ; 15%off here:
  • witchy hat: H&M (20€ at the shop)
  • spider necklace: SHADOW MOON DESIGNS (8€; code "vampireyuri10" for 10%off)
  • silver bracalet: I AM ACCESSORIES (10€ at the shop)
  • ribbon belt: ALIEXPRESS (2€ not avaliable anymore)

sabato 21 ottobre 2017


Konnichiwa everyone!!

finally new video on my youtube channel about my last items from MONSTER PARTY!!! get a look and follow me also there to not loose anything^^